The James & Law Company Textbook Depository is the in-state distribution agent for 50 publishers of K-12 educational programs.  Many of these programs have been reviewed  by the West Virginia Department of Education, and approved for classroom use by the West Virginia Board of Education.

Our depository is a one-stop shop where all state school districts and schools may purchase textbooks and instructional material (be they print, blended or purely digital formats) at state-contract prices.  We ship state-adopted materials “freight free”.

Our ability to supply all grade levels of approved programs combined with our location in central West Virginia offers districts and schools economies-of-scale that greatly simplify all clerical and logistical aspects of purchasing, receiving, and accounting, thereby lowering costs for districts, and taxpayers.

Customer service is a key aspect of our depository.  Our office staff works throughout the year providing pricing and product information, processing orders, and providing follow-up services after the sale.  Our warehouse staff packages shipments for ease in processing by the receiver, and coordinates deliveries with district/school officials.  This dedication to accurate orders and timely shipments is our hallmark, made possible only by our knowledgeable, experienced staff.

We are proud to have operated our Textbook Depository since 1912, and to have been recognized since 1992 by the WVDE and WVBE as the State Instructional Material Depository.

At James & Law, we take pride in knowing our customer personally.  We stay on-pace with their situations and their concerns. And lastly, school administrators who purchase their instructional materials through our depository are supporting a responsible, tax-paying WV Corporation, and fellow West Virginians.


West Virginia Department of Education

WVDE Official State Materials Listings

Donna Byrd

Donna Byrd – Vice President – Manager/Depository Services
WV Textbook & Instructional Materials Depository
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